Automatics of Marion recommend servicing every Twelve months or 20,000 kms whichever comes first. Transmission servicing involves new transmission fluid, filter and pan gasket and adjustments where applicable. An inspection to components related to the transmission such as mountings, hoses and linkages are also checked during the service. Routine servicing helps to keep debris and worn friction material out of solenoids and valves which can cause premature wear. We also include a free diagnostic scan to check for Diagnostic Trouble Codes where applicable. Most Services can be done within two hours, customers may wait or we can drop you off at Westfield Marion or go for a walk to nearby shops.


Our Transmissions are built on site. We welcome the owner to come and take a look at their transmission once it has been dismantled and cleaned to inspect what has gone wrong or what is required to repair or rebuild the unit.

Units are built to industry standards depending on the type of transmission and the repair being undertaken using new gaskets, seals, friction plates, bands, bushes, filters, etc.  Torque Converters are reconditioned and solenoids are tested or replaced, where required.   Hard parts such as pumps, drums and gear sets are only replaced after an inspection has shown them to be faulty.

The latest aftermarket upgrades are available such as valve body modifications (where worn valves and springs which may have caused initial failure are replaced with aftermarket items).  This is only done on specific transmissions.

Twelve months/20,000 km Warranty on fully rebuilt units.  Extended Warranty is also available.


We highly recommend transmission coolers to be fitted to most units, a lot of transmission failure is due to excessive heat in one way or another, a transmission cooler will allow the transmission to run up to 30% cooler.

We also find that some factory coolers (a tube that is submerged in one of the coolant tanks) are blocking up and restricting flow back to the transmission causing overheating within the transmission and in some cases causing premature failure. Factory coolers in some cases are also failing by allowing engine coolant into the transmission causing transmission failure. We address this by bypassing the factory cooler.

All our coolers are hard mounted with steel brackets and we only use good quality hoses and clamps.


We supply and install shift kits to most makes and models. Some kits are from suppliers or we can make our own to suit the vehicle. We also install full manual valve bodies. For more info give us a call.


We carry a large range of transmission spare parts so if you are after a gasket or some cooler hose or some ATF or some friendly advise call in and see us or give us a call.


We offer the use of our free loan car when available whilst your vehicle is getting repaired.